Rape in America

November 5, 2011
By SweetMoonLight BRONZE, Magna, Utah
SweetMoonLight BRONZE, Magna, Utah
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About 80 % of rapes happen under the age of 18 and 15 out of 16 rapist will never spend a day behind bars for their crime says RAINN. These statics are for women/girls and as a young lady these have touched me deeply. Especially since someone very close to my heart was raped about two years back. It hurt me dearly to watch someone go through so much pain. But even more so it angered me that the evil man who raped her got of scot free.

Women are not the only ones who are raped or sexually assaulted men are also victims. The fact that men are raped and or sexually assaulted by women is not accepted everywhere. Some see it as an impossible act, which is obviously not true. Kali states that “the existence of female perpetrators and male victims confronts many of our most firmly held beliefs about women, men, sexuality, power and sexual assault. It challenges our very notions about what sex is”. When people think of rape the first thing that pops into their head is an innocent little girl and a big strong evil man. Very rarely, if ever do people think of a man being sexually assaulted or raped by woman. I was quite shocked to read through so many stories of men who had been taken advantage of by women. I had a preconceived notion that men never got raped because all they were ever after was sex. So how could a man ever be forced into sexual acts? Granted my views were changed after doing my fair share of research.

During a rape are condoms usually involved? The answer to that question is no, and as we all learned in fifth grade health class when you don’t use a condom you end up pregnant. Becoming pregnant by rape is a horrid way to get pregnant.

Every 2 minutes someone in the United States is being sexually assaulted, States RAINN. Two minutes isn’t a very long time. In two minutes you can warm up some leftover Chinese food from last night. In two minutes you can figure out a math problem. There are 1,440 minutes in a day and that means that 720 minutes out of that day innocent people are being sexually assaulted.Appreciate your time a little more and try and help ot girls or boys that have been effected by this.

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