Favortism in The School System

October 21, 2011
By Anonymous

Will favoritism in schools ever stop?

I’ve been on the negative end of favoritism for a long time. Something as simple as taking my cell phone, while others can use them at will, repeated, is very irritating. With the proper course of action, it could. It has become a problem, an undeniable problem in the school system. The only people who can deny its happening are those responsible for it.

Favoritism is an undeniable issue in schools. Many teachers have proven willing to help some students more than others. Some students receive special treatment. Other students are often denied any acknowledgement at all.
Some students are shut out by the system while others are helped along in any way possible. Many students come from negative situations beyond their control. These students, who are less fortunate, are forced into a system designed to work against them.
Expectations of the presumably less capable are being forced standards known to be far beyond their reaching. Some people with excellent or terrible grades are experiencing favoritism is some way. Those who are assumed to be incapable are given up on almost immediately. Unrealistic standards forced into place, cause many students to drift farther and farther behind. These students are punished for their inability. Simultaneously, those who have found favoritism are rewarded at every turn.

`This may not cease and maybe there is no realistic way to stop this. It may never change, but I’ve received the unfortunate end of this deal for several years. But I refuse to just let these kids, who never did anything wrong, to just be given up on.

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