October 13, 2011
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Does anyone understand me?
I believe no one does.
People do not know what I know, they do not see what I see.
They can only pretend to understand...to sympathize.

One cannot even begin to understand my feelings, my view of this world.
I live through hell night and day, asking myself, "why do I even exist, if no one cares about me".
If I try to explain what my life is like everyday, no one would understand why I feel that way.

Stop acting like you know me, cause you have no freaking idea.
Stop saying that what I have been through is nothing, that there are worse things that could happen;
in my mind there could be NOTHING worse.
Nothing could stand up to having virtue taken away from you, the way it was taken from me.
Dont sit there and judge me until you have stepped in my shoes and lived my life.

No one can survive my life but me, for I am strong for my situations.
No one is as strong as me when it comes to my life.
So stop acting like it....dont sit there and laugh behind my back just because I am a little weird, and I dont talk to people.
I do this to keep myself from breaking down, I do this so I dont get hurt over, and over, and over again.

I am who I am and if you dont like it you are just S.O.L.

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