fighting back

November 1, 2011
You know what I’m tired of? People judging you just by what you wear, or who you talk to, or the type of music you listen to…. But when they come up to you and say “you look like a skank”, or “you’re an emo fag, why don’t you go slit your wrists already?” that is where I have a problem. Like telling us what you think is going to make us change, because that is what we live for is other people’s approval. You need to stop being so judgmental and prejudiced… I mean you don’t know what that kid has to deal with when they get home, or what they’re going through. And I do understand where the ‘out casts’ are coming from, I am an outcast, but me, I’m different, I stand up for myself. If someone says something to me I’ll say something back. I. Fight. Back. And most of these kids are too afraid to do it, I mean yeah I’m afraid too, but we all have to face our fears…. Right? So, since I seem to be the only person that will actually fight for what they think is right, I guess I have to be the one to say we are all humans, we feel pain the exact same way you feel it, we get angry exactly like you, and we cry just like you, but for you to go around and giving people a hard time when you don’t know who they are or what they go through, is messed up. So, just stop with the rumors and the backstabbing and the teasing. Thanks…..


The girl who decided to fight back

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