October 18, 2011
By ben toner BRONZE, Nooksack, Washington
ben toner BRONZE, Nooksack, Washington
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People that hate other religions, race, and skin color are all a decrease to what America stands for. In the New Constitution it states that any body that is an American citizen has all of the rights as every body else. I believe that everybody was created equal no matter what their religion, race, or skin color is.

My first reason on why I believe this is Martin Luther King JR with his statement “ I Have A Dream” Nobody thought that what he was saying was ever going to happen except for the people who believed in him at the start. Just to think it’s been around Fifty years since he gave that speech and now there’s Whites who are best friends with blacks who don’t even know that there was racism in the world until they reached the fifth grade. Also I have another person that changed the United States of America, his name was Fredrick Douglass and his life story. When Fredrick Douglass or Fredrick Bailey (His real name) was a young boy he was treaty pretty good because his grandmother never told him that when he reached a serving age that he would become a slave. When Fredrick reached that age he was treated better that the other slaves because he was half black and half white. Back then if you were 1/2 black and1/2 white they were most of the slaves were related to the slave owners just like Fredrick. Since he was related to the owner the owner’s wife would teach Fredrick how to read and write. When the owner found out about this he made his wife stop because he was afraid that Fredrick would teach the other slaves how to read and write. Fredrick had learned enough to write fake letter to get into the town and he would steal some food from the house to bribe the kid’s in town to teach him to read and to write. Later on in his life he goes to England and then they buy Fredrick Douglass his freedom. When Fredrick escaped he changed his last name from Bailey to Douglass so nobody could track him and send him back to his master. Fredrick wrote a book about his life and it was risky because he could have been captured and become a slave once more. Fredrick convinced Abraham Lincoln to try to get slaves free from The South which started the Civil War and ended up getting all the slaves free. Abraham Lincoln was later killed by John Wilkes Booth.

My second reason is that people can change their mind on this issue. First is that a man went on this TV show called thirty Days. He was a minuteman who keeps illegal Mexican out of America by keeping watch at the Mexican boarder. Well, he had to stay with an illegal Mexican family also with their fake last names so that they don’t get deported back to Mexico are Known as the Gonzales for thirty days. Well at first he wanted to call the boarder patrol and have them taken back to Mexico. After the thirty days he didn’t want to leave he was so attached that he wanted to get them papers to become legal. Also a famous event that deals with this same issue, it dealt with the Alamo. These people stood for different beliefs but they finally made peace. It was Sam Huston and Santa Anna. Santa Anna was the dictator of Mexico and had control of Texas and he let some American stay in Texas as long as they followed the rules that Santa Anna had given them. About three to four years went by and Sam Huston and His son Aston decided that they wanted to be free from Mexico. After Santa Anna heard about this they started fighting over the land that is called Texas. After many battles none of the sides had made any progress. One day one of Sam Huston scouts had spotted Santa Anna and his trooped on the other side of the river. They had captured the Mexican Dictator and forced him in signing a treaty making Texas in their hand but, they did not become a part of the United States of America.

Lastly to support my position is that if everybody is putting you down or not letting you do something that listen to this because this person was the fastest running back to step on the field. It was Ernie Davis a black American that when he would get tackled the opponents would thrash him. Also in some of his football games his coaches wouldn’t let him score a touchdown because if he did the crowds would start a riot and they may not make it out in one piece. Well, the referees would do that to because when he got tackled he had scored a touchdown but the referees said that it was on the one yard line and so a white person could score the touchdown instead of a black person. Well Ernie had enough of that so when the coach told someone to take Ernie’s spot Ernie stayed in and scored the touchdown. When Ernie was about ten or eleven he and his cousin Willie were on the white side of the train tracks. There were whites that wanted the glass bottle that they had collected. When his cousin Willie leaped on the train Ernie had no other choices but try to sprint his way by the whites with the bottles. Also a black man has never won the Highsemen Trophy before but, then came Ernie Davis that won it and he would have gone to be in the NFL but it turns out that he had Leukemia.

Now that’s why I believe that everybody was created to be equal no matter what religion, race they are, or what their skin color is. Now all we need to do is get out there and show the world that there should be no racism and nobody should think that they are a higher class, race, or religion than anybody else.

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