Facebook Harassment

October 14, 2011
By , Forestville, NY
People have been posting nasty and harassing messages on a 17 year old’s page. Have you been harassed on Facebook or any socialized website? If so, tell someone!
Alexis Pelkington has gotten a soccer scholarship for college. Alexis had committed suicide because of harassment on Facebook. Believe it or not, this teen is still being harassed even after her death.
If you’re a cyber-bully stop; if you can’t stop ask your teacher or parents what you can do!! If you’re a person being harassed or you have been harassed or if you know/known being harassed, someone tell an adult who it is bullying you. The only way to stop the harassment is to tell someone. Your parents can and should delete your profile right away.
You can keep your Facebook, but it is probably not a safe idea. You can block or report a person if they are harassing you, which may be a good solution. If a person is using nudity or pornography, a fake profile, is making racist comment, hate speech, or cyber-bulling, etc., you should not only tell someone, but you need to turn them into Facebook. Their Facebook will deactivate if they do anything inappropriate and are reported. They will find out the next time they try to login into Facebook.
So why is it so important to stop harassment on Facebook?
It’s important to stop harassment because people kill themselves. People have been told to kill themselves because they don’t fit in this world or they don’t belong here. Everyone is unique in their own way and they belong in the world. Try being in their footsteps for a year, have them harass you; see if you like you probably won’t! Be respectful, think about them for a day; think before you say, you can get in a lot of trouble for telling them a joke to go kill themselves; the way adults think of it is you being serious and some people are and you never no. Facebook has a lot of people and you can have up to 5,000 friends. Anyone can see you being harassed! Facebook in my opinion is not safe, I do have one myself and I’m addicted to it because I have had for two years and I keep I wanting to delete but I don’t want to; I’ve never been harassed.

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