I Believe in Equal Rights of Women, Homosexuals, and African Americans

October 13, 2011
By , Franklin, MA
I believe that women, homosexuals, and African Americans should be treated equally; both in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of other humans. We are all made the same way on the inside, so why should anyone be treated differently? For example, an African American lesbian is no different than a straight white man. They are capable of the same things, they have the same feelings, and they have the same level of intelligence. No one should ever be treated differently than anybody else.

Women are the same as men except physically they are different. Women have proven in WWII that they can take on a job and raise a family on their own without their husbands around. For years and years women didn’t have the right to vote or have the same jobs as men. They had to stay at home, clean, and cook while men could go out and hunt, go to college, and become doctors. Chores like washing the dishes and doing the laundry are still considered to be “women’s chores.” Even in my house my mom usually does the laundry and dishes and my dad mows the lawn and most of the handiwork. Today, that issue is better, but, to some degree, women are still treated differently than men.

Homosexuals are treated very differently than other people. There are some states where they don’t allow same sex marriages. We live in a society today where some homosexuals are afraid of admitting who they are because they don’t want to be judged or discriminated against. The truth is homosexuals are just regular people, and they are no different from the average human being. They can have the same jobs and sometimes be even better at it than someone who isn’t homosexual. People stereotype homosexuals and they think that gay men are very feminine and girly and that gay women are very masculine. Also, they can do the same sports and have the same level of fitness as a regular person. It’s not like they’re an alien from a foreign planet coming to destroy the earth. I have friends that are homosexuals and it really hurts me when they are bullied because of being different. They need to be treated no differently than people would treat them if they weren’t homosexual.

Not so long ago, African American people were discriminated against just because they were a darker skin color. They were called awful names and forced to separate from white people completely for fear of “contamination.” They had to use different water fountains and go to different schools. Even after the civil war, when slavery was banned from the United States, African Americans were still not treated as they should be. The only difference between African Americans and whites is the pigmentation of their skin. Only about sixty years ago, this was happening where we live now. Our parents and grandparents experienced this discrimination as it was happening. There are many people today who were alive during the integration of Little Rock, Arkansas’s Central High School and remember it clearly. People were murdered for being African American and supporting the African Americans. I know people who are African American and they aren’t any different than me or any of my other friends regarding knowledge and personality. Having a different skin color is no reason to have different rights than others.

In certain parts of the world women, homosexuals, and African Americans are still treated very badly. Even though women and African Americans have made a ton of progress, homosexuals have not been so lucky. Some are still being bullied into a depression so terrible that they commit suicide. Hopefully, America will get to the point where everyone is considered equal because nobody should be treated like that. If the tables were turned, the people who were discriminating against the women, homosexuals, and African Americans would know exactly how horrible it feels to know that they’ve done absolutely nothing wrong, but they’re still getting punished for it. Everyone should be treated with equality.

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