Imperfect Human

July 28, 2011
By -Quil SILVER, Deckerville, Michigan
-Quil SILVER, Deckerville, Michigan
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I’m perfect… I’mperfect… Imperfect
We all make mistakes; we are only human after all. The word “perfection” holds no true meaning beyond what one perceives to be their ideal match. To be “beautiful” is the same way; it does not hold a direct or specific meaning. The definition of beauty in any dictionary states, “The quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations (as shape, color, sound, etc.), a meaningful design or pattern, or something else (as a personality in which high spiritual qualities are manifest)”.

Women tell surgeons to make them beautiful, to a surgeon that’s higher cheekbones and a stronger, sleeker jaw. Ask a scientist what their view on beauty is and they might reply that it’s a strategy, beauty is health and fertility. A modeling agency would say “you’re not what we’re looking for” then when asked what they want, may reply “we don’t know yet, we’ll know it when we see it.” So what is beauty exactly? Might as well try to dissect a bubble to see where it gets it swirl of colors.

To obtain beauty throughout the centuries has become a little more risk taking but safer in the long run. From Egypt where Cleopatra wore kohl or eyeliner made of ground minerals, vermilion rouge in the 18th century that was made from a mixture of sulfur and mercury and white powder with a lead base in the 19th century; whale bone and steel corsets have now changed to drains and lasers, tattoos and much more organic mineral based makeup. Humankind has become safer about their beauty but much more extreme to maintain the look of youth and attraction.

What is true beauty though? Not a single poet or artist can truly define beauty but possibly a piece of it. Regardless of how much we want a piece of it, it’s only skin-deep. We fill our lives with clever clichés to make us feel better, inner beauty is what really counts we tell ourselves. It’s discriminating as well, those perceived as beautiful are more liable to land a job, make better money, get lighter court sentences, and automatically thought to be friendlier. We always tell our children to never judge a book by its cover when in all reality, we really do.

Studies show that even as young as 6-month old children will mostly like go to an attractive person than anyone that isn’t as attractive. Some facial features are just more pleasing to the eye than some; a balance of features on a symmetrical face is more likely to be looked upon as healthy and strong enough to pass on genes. Men generally look for a woman with full lips, large eyes, curvy bodies, and smooth clear skin; all classic traits of a genuine ideal partner that can serve well as a mate, an instinct that has been instilled into humanity since the dawn of time by survival of the fittest.

Cultural views on beauty throughout the world vary as well; from Madonna’s metal bra to neck rings in Burma. It’s more extreme and permanent, a conflict between cosmetic and plastic surgery versus body modifications such as the common ear piercings and tattoos. Regardless, although, beauty is truly found within the eye of the beholder with art, landscape, mates, and so on. We slow our aging process, try to defy gravity, extend our lives a little bit but is it truly necessary? What all those lines, wrinkles, and scars are is just the storyline of your life. Lines and wrinkles stands for wisdom, scars are your memoirs from all the battles fought, stretch marks is the roadmap to paradise. So what if it’s time to slow down, have to stop and smell the roses sometime.

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I have piercings; eyebrows, ears, and my tongue so far. People sneer at me for it when its more spiritual to me to have body art/modifications. People accept cosmetic/plastic surgery which costs more than a tiny piece of metal. Hence, people are very big on beauty.

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