Water on the Face

August 25, 2011
By Honeysuckle18 SILVER, Sunnyvale, California
Honeysuckle18 SILVER, Sunnyvale, California
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The looked at the mirror. The school was quiet but not silent. Silence and quiet are not the same thing. Quiet is when you have words you want to say hanging at the edge of your mouth that you hush yourself from saying by reconsidering or a cough. The bathroom was silent although school was in session.

Tears were in my eyes.I was not a surprise.I am criticised by my peers.I can hear their voices. I have a great memory. I can picture their frozen faces in whatever expressions they had. I have not done anything wrong but they don't care.They look right through me and act like I am not their when they feel like ignoring me.

I think it is bad that they embarrass themselves by saying rude things to me. In a weird way I feel guilty. I have to do things according to their tastes or I will be criticized.I did not do anything wrong but that is the way it is. I am an ant that they poke for fun when I know they want to squash me.

I look at the mirror closely and I see tired eyes that hide the hurt. I see a fake smile that will not be fixed.Water streams down my face-tears. I barely mouth a word although I am screaming on the inside.My lower lip quivers and I look a way from the weak. I retrieve toilet paper,blow my nose till it hurts. I wipe the tears with water and my shirt.I blow dry my shirt to destroy the evidence. I walk out the door and go to class before my bathroom break is too long.I vow not to look at the mirror again because I see the truth. The truth being that the rude things said about me are not true and the truth being that I do not stand up for myself as much as I do for others(which is a lot).

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