Don't let your pride stand in your way!

July 4, 2011
By CarolineF. DIAMOND, Yanceyville, North Carolina
CarolineF. DIAMOND, Yanceyville, North Carolina
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Don't you hate it when someone will not admit they were wrong? Well it's because they are scared of letting there pride down, because to some when you admit you where wrong it shows that you were not strong enough to stand by what you said. This thing will call pride is one of the reasons people get a divorce now a days they hate admitting they were wrong and the other was right. It's a shame, families being split a part because someone will not admit that they messed up some how. It's a tragedy kids having to go through this. Personally if it meant that it might hurt my children I would say I was wrong and push my pride out of the way because truly pride is just another stupid status symbol and I see it as if you are willing to say that you are wrong than you are strong.

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