June 28, 2011
By TaylaaBugg. SILVER, Huddleston, Virginia
TaylaaBugg. SILVER, Huddleston, Virginia
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Religion is a very popular, very controversial topic. It dominates not only conversations, but lifestyles, and it cam affect relationships and judgements. I, for one, am sick of always hearing about religion. I do not believe in “God” as I have put my faith into more spiritual beliefs. I respect every religion out there, what you want to believe in is your business, not anyone else's. Nothing bothers me more, though, than someone of a different faith trying to convert you. I'm sorry, I'm content with what I believe in, and I do not need your bible shoved down my throat.

I was a Christian as a child, I went to church almost every Sunday, I said my prayers, I was even “saved.” Now that I am older, however, I make my own decisions. I stopped believing in God a couple years ago, and I have my own personal reasons for that. Before I launch into my opinionated rant, I will tell you some of what I, myself, believe in. I kind of considered myself “Wiccan” for a while. I dove into research and studies of the faith and I did indeed find peace and solitude within the aged belief. Though, I no longer consider myself Wiccan, I still say little prayers to the Goddess and I still celebrate Pagan holidays. Pagan holidays are often nothing more than celebrations of the earth and the seasons, and I'm certainly a daughter of the moon, the wind, the sun, the water, the trees. I find myself most at peace when meditating in the woods or working in my herb garden. I believe in both reincarnation and karma, as most Wiccans or Pagans do. Christians put their whole faith in God, I put my faith in the earth.

Venturing away from Christian beliefs to Wiccan beliefs was a controversial change. Christians, and their God, look down on “witchcraft.” The Wiccan religion incorporates “witchcraft” in some ways, but not as you would stereotypically think. Christians have the Bible and Wiccans have the Wiccan Rede. As you have morals and rules and values set your bible, Wiccans have the same in their Rede. One of the most important things stated in the Rede is that we shall not harm others. It says exactly, “An ye harm none, do what ye will.” Wiccans, with their beliefs and practices, harm no one, it would be...almost like a sin. What I have trouble understanding, is why Christians have such a problem with “witchcraft” in the first place. It is just the concentration of your own powers and the power of the earth resulting in personal accomplishments, it is, in other words, basically creation. The Christian God apparently created the world and man and woman. Ah, he created them, did he? Using your inner power to create something, to make something happen, that is the basis of all witchcraft. So, in reality, is your God's almighty creation really anything more than witchcraft? I think not.

One more thing I don't understand about the Christian belief is their refusal to accept homosexuality. Christians are supposed to be genuinely good people, living and serving their God. Why would they act so harshly and shun people who have done nothing wrong. A man loving a man and woman loving a woman is no different, really, in a man loving a woman. At least these people are actually loving someone, they're not out there shooting up schools and blowing up buildings. Your God taught you to be compassionate, and in MOST cases, there is not compassion out in the open for homosexuals.

Religious controversy will never end unless everyone learns to accept each other, and in our corrupted society, I don't see that happening. Just, next time you decide to judge someone on their religion, consider the similarities they're religion and yours have. Know them before you turn them away. No matter what you believe in, you should be compassionate, and you should be open to love and various beliefs, or our world will never amount to much.

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on Jul. 8 2011 at 12:55 am
ShyWriting42 BRONZE, Mesquite, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure...We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God."

You said that you respect other religions, but insinuate that God practices witchcraft, which is false. I'm not sure if you meant to do this, but it does sound hypocritical. As a Christian, I believe that homosexuality is a sin, but I do not, and would never, shun someone because of this; that is between the person and God. I agree with your last paragraph, but I disagree with the generalization on Christians. Everyone, and I mean everyone, should keep in mind: " your neighbor as yourself"(Leviticus 19:18) not far from the golden rule or your commitment to not harm anyone.   


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