I Can See No Evil

May 29, 2011
By Conroy BRONZE, General Santos City, Other
Conroy BRONZE, General Santos City, Other
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"There's more to them than meets the eye."

Prying eyes, unwanted whispers and unfriendly gestures. I have conquered them all.

It was the first day of school. I was very excited to attend my class because I will be in the first section. I never expected that I would be one of the top 50 students who qualified for the “star section.” They say that we are “the cream of the crop.” However, they never treated me the way it was meant to be. Am I different?

I admit that my childhood life was somewhat incomplete and sad. I have plenty of friends in our subdivision. I remembered playing with them the whole afternoon. Well, this was just a tiny part of my past. Almost all of it was crap.

I was seated infront of our class. I remembered the day when all of them looked at me disgustingly. I just ignored them. Who cares?...

Finally, I finished my elementary education with flying colors. From then on, I could see them smiling at me. Cool, but it was too late.

I grew up to be a good boy. I never disappointed my parents. I want them to be proud of me. I focused on my studies first. Again, I remembered a memory that was both bitter and sweet.

It was the final day of our examination. I was very confident on every answer written on my paper. At last, all of my sacrifices for almost two weeks will be paid with good remarks. My “friends” planned to have a little bonding in the mall. And here goes me, the innocent and ignorant boy who joined the “devils” on their journey to hell. I was so glad and excited to join them. Upon our arrival on the “promise land”, they all hurried to get inside. They ignored me. I was left alone outside. I was numb. I couldn’t feel my feet. Should I cry or should I just run to them and pretend to be happy despite of what they have done? I just went home.

See, it was both bitter and sweet, right? They may have disturbed my emotions but I promised to myself that it would be the last of its kind. I have nothing to prove to them.

Sometimes, I think of myself as a normal kid. Would it make any difference? Still, God was good to me after all. He has given me a loving and ever-supportive family. Despite of me having only one, I didn’t see of my disability as a curse, rather, it was a sweet gift of love and compassion. I didn’t see the negative or let’s just say the bad side of the people around me. Those prying eyes never went deep inside me. Maybe, my eye was built for a purpose. A purpose only driven by God. I can see no evil.

The author's comments:
Who inspired me to do this? Well, myself!!!

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