The Bullying Has To Stop

May 16, 2011
By dtyler94 BRONZE, Metcalfe, Mississippi
dtyler94 BRONZE, Metcalfe, Mississippi
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Many teens of different ages, races, and sexualities have committed suicide over the last few months. The mayors of almost each states seem almost unconcerned that this is happening. They all claim that they notice the problem. Well here is my question, "If you understand this is happening, why aren't you doing anything to prevent it?" Im sure this question rings aloud in many peoples' heads. This is a serious problem and no one seems to care. What will it take for the mayors and governors to finally address the problem? Could it be someone in their family committ suicide? Maybe that will make them take action. This is a very large problem and it won't stop until laws are enforced against it.

The author's comments:
The bullying has to stop.

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