we're all human.

April 17, 2011
By guardgirl728 BRONZE, Pottstown, Pennsylvania
guardgirl728 BRONZE, Pottstown, Pennsylvania
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"you hurt because you are alive" -charlie st. cloud.

I have always been a strong believer in gay rights and equality. I am beyond passionate about the issue. I have been labeled a lesbian for standing up for the issue and have been put down for it.I'm not a lesbian.I am however human. We are all human. We all have feelings. We all have the ability to love. Why should that be a bad thing? Why should loving someone that is the same gender,make it anything less then love? Why should two women or two men that are in love not be able to walk down the aisle and be told he words any newly wed couple would love to hear,congradulations I wish you two nothing but the best. Why should we strip other people of the right to be married or adopt babies? I know not everyone is for gay marriage. Is stripping other humans of their rights really the answer? Bullying bisexual,lesbian,transgender and gay teens to the point of suicide doesn't hurt the people they love any less. The people that were able to see them as people.Think before you say speak. Gay? Transgender? Bisexual? Lesbian? Straight? No,i'm human

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