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April 13, 2011
Does bullying affect you, your school, and your day to day life? Well sooner or later everyone is apart of this trend no matter if you are the bully or the person being bullied. This is a topic that is very shaky to talk about to certain people, but all schools are trying to prevent it in many different ways. It is a problem for many students at my high school, some feel there is a lot of prevention, while others feel there is not enough. According to statistics from bullyingstatistics.blogsport.com, the states where kids seem to be bullied the most is California, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Washington. Additionally, every seven minutes a person is bullied and close to 40% of kids are bullied everyday for unnessecary reasons. Aside from bullying being a huge deal inside of school it is also a problem outside of school between bullying on facebook, aim, and over text. Many more parents are starting to get involved in there child’s bullying life and trying to find out if they are being bullied or are the bully. Kids who see bullying being done or are being bullied are way to scared to go up and say something to someone older. (bullyingstatistics.blogspot.com/)

Cyberbullying and bullying is a very big thing at my school, it effects a good portion of the school. One thing that they are doing to try and prevent it is by putting up pictures of teenagers who had recently been bullied and commited suicide because of it. While trying to relay a message to the students about bullying and what could be an outcome of this. The school also has a no bullying policy and has many assemblys to inform teens that bullying is still going on and that it is not right. Many teachers or head people in at my school have caught students bullying and have gotten terrible consequeces such as, detention, in school sunspension, or even expulsion. Mr.Purdy, a science teacher says “Teachers could nip problems before they get out of hand. Most people don’t realize that they are being a bully, so sometimes you just need to make them aware of what they are doing.” But outside of school there is not much a teacher could catch. It could be over text, or even over chat so no one could know except a few people, which could lead to another major disaster. According to interviews taken at my school, 4 out of every 5 students have either been the bully or have been bullied in the past.

Bullying is defined as a a blustering, quarrlsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller and weaker people. Mrs. Frey, a teacher, she says “Bullying has gotten very dangerous in the past few years and it is mostly because of cyberbulling. It should be more under the radar and should be watched carefully.” According to sophmore, Gina V., she feels “Bullying is not right at all and if there was a lot of prevention to try and stop bullying then there would be not as many problems.” Since bullying is so serious many teens and adults have descriptive views on it and how it is effecting them and others. But overall most people think that it should be stopped and that it is a huge thing everywhere you go. While Kellie M., a freshman states “If I see someone being bullied I could stand up for them even if I don’t know them and try and make sure that they are never bullied again.”

Bullying is caused for many reasons but for one to hurt another is simply unexplainable of how much pain they are giving to someone else. According to www.eduaction.com , bullying is a tool for popularity and for feeling powerful. Bullying is a big issue in some peoples eyes but not a problem in others. However, prevention at my school is on the rise, trying to make sure nothing serious happens to anyone who is being bullied by someone else. (http://www.education.com/reference/article/bullying-behavior-hard-to-change/)

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