What About Gay?

April 9, 2011
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You hear, Slaves are free.
You hear, Black are equal.
You hear, Women have rights.
You hear these things but, if you look today ask yourself. Are people really free? Are my people equal? Do strong women have the same rights as a weak man?
But thats a diffrent argument...
Thats a diffrent time and a diffrent day. What... Who im speaking for is the Gays. My people. My roots. My love.
How cares for the Gays and Lesbians. Or the Trans-Genders and Dikes. Or lets put it the way where the haters understand... Faggots, Freaks, do yall understand now. But, Nobody Cares... Nobody ever will, Speechs are words. just put in a paragraph. but does stanzas stop wars? Do essays start a church? No. This.. this simple article could be read by thousands, millions, or maybe just two. it doesnt matter. i mean... whats it to you? Your not a 13 year old teenager. Your not a bi-sexual "freak". Whats it to you, what about gay?... nothingreally.

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