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March 17, 2011
By Lolita BRONZE, Ogden, Utah
Lolita BRONZE, Ogden, Utah
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Have you ever seen someone for who they are and not what they are? Have you given them a chance at trying to be your friend before you say that you won't be their friend, because of something that has no relevance to their inner person? Well, I haven't met very many people that don't judge someone before they get to know them. I for one try not to judge people before I meet them but I still do it (once and awhile). There's a difference in judging someone because of their attitude, verses their race, culture, religion, body type, or even the type of people they hang out with. I grew up in a family that no matter what race, sexual orientation, religion, sex or physical appearance; that everyone deserves a chance to be known, seen, heard, befriended, laughed with, and have joy in their life. This motto is what I've been taught and live by, some people think I am just weird. I plop myself in social cliques that no one else thinks they can be a part of. I have never cared what race I am or what race other people are. I have my reasons for this though, not until three years ago did I know my biological parents race and didn't care (kind of still don't). Race is just a grouping title on a paper, it doesn't initially define who you are inside. So, to this day I just go up to certain cliques and start talking, and befriend people. At first it is awkward, but if I keep trying the group doesn't just look at me like I am a weird female who talks a lot, and doesn't know boundaries but, they see me as the person I am. Eventually people in these cliques start to open up and the cycle begins. New people that you wouldn't think belong in the group become a part of the group, so on so forth.

The action of seeing people for who they are inside and not on the outside is hard nut needed. We all need someone to befriend us not because of how we look or who we are attracted to, but because we are good people. My dream is that more people could see everyone they meet as a possible friend or even someone who you can have fun with no matter what the color skin, sexual orientation, religion, physical appearance, sex, or even the ability to express themselves is. I have known plenty of quiet people who are great people once you get to know them even before you get to know them they were great people, and you jut didn't know it. Do you know how much of a different world this would be if more people didn't so what most of us do? Oh, what the possibilities...

The author's comments:
I'm have come to realize just recently, that I plop myself in awkward situations with people that seem not to care. I came upon this realization because one of my friends saw me talking to someone who acted as if he didn't want to talk to me. So she asked why do you risk yourself for people that don't care? I have an answer for you, because everyone deserves someone there for them, as a friend or more. I don't think he didn't care he just put a mask on.
So, next time you meet someone new think about what I have written. Do you want to be treated the way that you may be treating this possible friend??

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