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February 20, 2011
By Han Lamb BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
Han Lamb BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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It is only love. That’s all homosexuality is, it is just love.

There is nothing to be afraid of, nothing that should not be accepted fully.

Here’s something you can think about.

Imagine living in a world where every couple you see on the street is either lesbian or gay. You grow up seeing movies with gay couples, and all your friends in high school are homosexual, and it is completely normal.

You, however, are attracted to people of the opposite sex. Imagine being yelled at in the street, being told you cannot marry the person you live and die for. Imagine your family and friends not talking to you any longer, because it is against their religion. Imagine people around your own country voting to take away your protection as a person, simply because of who you love.

You have to hide your true self everyday of your life for fear of losing everything you know.

You ask yourself everyday why you are like this, why people hate you for something that should just be another trait, like blue eyes or brown hair. You cannot control it, no matter how much easier it would make everything.

You just know that you love someone you are not allowed to, for whatever reason they may throw at you, and it hurts more than anything you’ve ever felt. It is an ache that burns your heart everyday you are told that being who you are is shameful, wrong, disgusting, unnatural. This is the unavoidable reason for too many teen suicides, by the way.

And religion is too often a cause for this hurtful and lasting discrimination. This cannot be ignored.

Perhaps I do not understand, but how can an all-powerful being that preaches love be so willing to let his followers hate and kill?

So. Take away the argument that God says homosexuality is wrong. What do you think?

What if your best friend, who you’ve known for so and so years, came out to you tomorrow? Would you hate them on the premise that your religion hates your own best friend? Or would you be able to look past it, and see that this is your friend, there is no reason to hate them?

What would you think then?

Would you still vote to prevent your best friend from marrying who they love? Would you be able to live with yourself after voting against some other person’s love?

I have suffered enough discrimination myself to know that people today continue to remain ignorant of a whole population of the human race. Because that’s all homosexual people are: another part of the huge, amazing whole of the human race. That’s all any group of people are, just the human race. There is absolutely no need to single out people based on who they love.

I do not understand how one human being can look at another and spit in their face and tell them they are fundamentally wrong for being who they are.

It is only love. Let love be allowed, let your fellow human beings exist in peace.

The author's comments:
I hope this does not offend any person out there in the internet universe, that is not my intention.

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