I Have Had a Reading Disability My Whole Life

February 9, 2011
Dear teachers,

I have struggled with reading all my life, when I was 4 year old I started kindergarten because I have an early birthday. My kindergarten teacher had caught that I couldn't’t read. I was moved me to first grade but it was so hard because of my reading disability I had to retake first grade all over again do you know how embarssing it is to admit that? The rest of my elementary school years I struggled reading and spend hours each night doing home work but I still loved school no matter how much I struggled. But then my first year of middle school I was put in the wrong program, I would go home and cry every night because I was struggle learning the material. My six grade year kept getting harder. Seventh and eighth grade went any better and if you’re a kid with an IEP it a lot harder to learn. Last year I started night grade, there I met an amazing teacher named Mrs. Head who understood what it was like to be a kid with a reading disability. I was in 15-1 with helps kid with learning disability. In 15-1 the kid were out of control and made fun of me. It was very hard to concentrate and learn. I went home crying every night. Ninth grade was terrible, I thought high school would have been better than middle school and a new start but it was just as hard and I was still struggling. How would you feel if you loved school in elementary but by the time you got to high school you hated it. I am now in tenth grade and I had such a hard time last year in 15-1 that I didn’t even want to go to school. Last year I decided to tell my teachers that I wanted to be in consents class. Now I am now struggle being in the big class because it too much reading and too fast but I can’t go back to 15-1 because I can’t learn in there with all the distraction. So I am stuck struggling and try to get good grades. My grades are ok but it only because I get help with my home work but my test grades are horrible. I don’t understand the material but like I said I have no other choices 15-1 is a harder setting for me to learn in and I can’t fous. I just want a class with no distraction and children without temper problems. Is there middle. I feel so lost in the big classes. No one can really understand what it likes to have a reading disability until you put yourself in their shoes. I am a very hard worker and I am disappointed that I have to struggle. I feel lost in class. I feel like when I think there a good resource that should be on my IEP the teachers don’t understand and decided I don’t need it. I don’t understand why they can determine for me what I do and don’t need on my IEP. This is my IEP it like a gps it my guide that helps me get to my destination. If you could please understand what it like to have to struggle each and every day, your whole school years experiences.

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Dreamerwriter said...
Oct. 14, 2011 at 10:24 am
This is a great story about your life and keep on writting. I think you will do great in your life.
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