Bullying Is Bigger Than Most People Think (Very Important!)

January 27, 2011
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So today in school my teacher came into our classroom to explain to us the importance of bullying awareness. Many of the kids made a joke about this. The goal for the entire school was if you hear someone bullying another say "Ding!" If you get "Dinged" it is your chance to apologize, realize what you are doing, and/or fix your mistake.

Now while I was in the hallway after this discussion a looked over at my friend who was trying to hide her tears. The day before she had told me of how her sister wanted to commit suicide because of bullying and she thought it was her fault because she was the only one ever home with her. Now keep in mind this is a 13 year old who's parents are divorced, one across the country that barely even cares about her, and one who's literally never home, except two days a week and she's blaming herself for not watching and keeping company her older sister.

Not only has this effected the girl being bullied but her younger sister as well. It is now also effecting the parents of the girl, her friends, the sister's friend's even if they don't know why she's crying three times a day, and multiple others.

Another example that is more famous throughout at least America, is the Columbine Shooting in Colorado. This was an instance where two young people were being picked on all throughout their years in school and just got sick of it. They killed many people that day. I don't have much information on this but it sounds like they even killed people just for being the same religion as the ones that bullied them.

One of the forms of bullying that most people don't seem to consider is when a parent is bullying their child. I've seen this happen. That friend that I mentioned earlier; her dad was making fun of her for looking emo. He commented on her profile picture on Facebook saying he didn't know where he went wrong and wondered how he could have missed it. She was incredibly hurt by this because she hates being called emo, her own father doesn't understand her, and the reason for that is he's half way around the country and never calls her or writes her. And I'm sure most of you that have a Facebook have seen the post about the girl that killed herself because of what her own father posted on Facebook about her.

I have now listed three examples of the results of bullying. How many people really consider this happening to the person that they left out of gym class, stereotyped, called fat, made fun of a little too much. Doing any of those can endanger one to an unlimited range of lives.

People are effected by bullying and it needs to be taken seriously. All kids at my school do about it is make fun of the teachers efforts, but what if it was you that people said were ugly or fat. You might start thinking what if I am, what if I'm really so worthless to everyone that they have to tell me to get me to notice. And if you are the person in that position, do not think that you are worthless! Everyone is worth something in this world and no one should have to suffer the cost of bullying.

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GigglyAmbar said...
Oct. 16, 2011 at 3:39 pm

I completely agree!!! This is a serious issue and most kids think its a joke. It's a shame. There was another story about two girls killing themselves over bullying as well. Kids just don't care and it's sad. They think it's cute to make fun of someonelse or to stand by and watch. You're right!!!


Great Article!

Taphephobia This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Oct. 18, 2011 at 9:28 pm
Thanks, I was getting a little discouraged that no one was commenting on this. It's nice to know someone out there cares.
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