The Bullies

January 25, 2011
broskey GOLD,
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Fag.Faggot.Gay.Lesbo.These are all the names I have been called plus more which I can’t name. Bullying is actually bigger problem then you thought. There are people who make fun of others just to fit in. Some people make fun of others to get their anger out from other making fun of them. Maybe, if people in the first place didn’t make fun of each other people wouldn’t have to be made fun of! People make fun of others right in front of teachers all your teachers do is say it’ll be fine! They never help the situation. Example: (real situation) 2 guys were making fun of me because I learned how to ride a bike at the age of 10 and I told the teacher and she was like oh it’s ok and not it’s not! Guys also group together and make fun of one person. (ME!) I was the object of this! They would make fun of me and every time I tried to talk they would make fun of me telling me shut the F%^&k up! Then everyone would laugh at me.
I had just got done with track practice and I felt good I hadn’t been made fun of that day! But just when I thought that the guys started saying Ariel go cut off your dick! My friend laughed I never friends with her again! Then my mom finally got there and I started crying once I got into the car! See my point again I feel bad for others who have to go through this I feel like smashing walls.Ex: A guy I know was being made fun of at recess and he turned around and he went to someone he could really make fun of one of my bestie’s she told her she had a mustache and he cry he also called another girl fat. It was all because someone had made fun of him. He then was in my next hour and I felt his pain and he was crying for what he had done and what he had been called.In our school people are judged just the way they look and how they talk and the way they dress. If you every looked at the people sit at lunch all the people no one likes and that are called nerds wannabees! I have been asked many times on what I level I think I am on my response is we are all equal! I have tried to comfort these people but they probably feel like they have been rejected out of society and no one like them! That is not true “everyone should be treated equally no matter race, hair what they look like, how they dress. But at our school that’s basically how we judge each other and I am trying to change that. People spread rumors about each other just to get attention I know how that feels I once spread a rumor about someone that wasn’t true and now I regret it! There are people I had joined track to get my anger out and I didn’t go there to get make fun of all over again.I always try to stay strong and say who cares what people think about that’s only an opinion and it only matters what you think about yourself. But, soon that doesn’t matter anymore and soon the harassing is going to get to you and your going to break down its going to tear you down you’ll pretty soon won’t be able to handle and you’ll cry it won’t feel so good!! You know the posters you put in the classrooms they say” No sticks no stones no dissing.” Which you know no one follows it whats the point of putting them up. Bullying is a big problem in our school. People are made fun of just to get attention and get people to like them. I have seen and heard guys make fun of special kids. They inmate them and try to act like them it’s really sad because that shows that they have no heart.

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