January 23, 2011
By Joekriner BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Joekriner BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Hatred is the matter in are world. Hatred is the cause of almost every major problem we’ve seen. 9/11, WACO, the Jared Lee Loughner killing, suicide, and murders are all because of hatred. Some people can’t control their hatred for many reasons. Others can help people stop their hatred.

Have you ever hated someone? Probably, or at least you thought you did. When people let hatred take control bad things happen. Jared Lee Loughner let hatred take control and went to kill the senator killing six people in the process. 9/11 happen because the terrorist hated America so they attacked us. Bullies hatred for people they don’t like can cause big issues. People were hated because they were gay and committed suicide. A gay man was tied to the back of a truck and was dragged to death. These peoples hatred ruined people’s lives.

There are many problems in our world and they all mater. But hatred is the biggest issue in our world. If people stopped hatred are world would be a way better place. Now I’m not sure if there is any way you can stop hatred. Hatred is an evil emotion that can control people. So something needs to happen. Here are some ideas on how to help stop hatred.

Now you probably know someone with anger or hatred for someone. Ask them questions and try to understand why they hate this person. Then tell them how they can get rid of that hatred and help them get rid of that hatred. If you have hatred then you should go to counseling or spend more time with friends. Try and get lots of sleep so you’re not grumpy and say rude words that can make people hate you. Hatred is a big issue and it needs to stop.

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