Why Is Having a Better Life so Hard?

January 22, 2011
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Why is having a better life so hard?

Illegal immigrants come to the United States of America with hope of having a better lifestyle for themselves and their kids. The illegal immigrants don’t come to steal money or ideas. People can’t judge a book by its cover, right?
There are many hardships that Mexican immigrants go through such as coming here, crossing the border may look pretty simple, and many people die trying to cross the border by getting shot, starvation and even getting kidnapped. Be careful not to get caught by border and immigration police, if they do be sure to get deported. Secondly, working in agriculture on farms would also be considered a hardship as well. Working for minimum wage is not very easy because it’s hard to raise money to support yourself and your family. Working in the sun is difficult because temperatures can rise up to 100 degrees, or maybe even higher. Another hardship would be the parents bringing their kids at a young age and not being able to get an education by going to college. Unfortunately, the Bill that allowed the immigrants to get a citizenship in the United States didn’t get passed. So because of that the young immigrants aren’t able to go to college and have a better future than their parents did. It’s not their fault that they are immigrants and that they can’t get an education like the rest of the young adults that were born here.
All I’m trying to say is give the illegal immigrants a chance to get an education and have a better future for them. If people can give American kids a chance, shouldn’t illegal immigrants have a chance as well?

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