violence is darkness

January 20, 2011
By tommy halsey SILVER, Park City, Utah
tommy halsey SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Every child is bullied sometime in the young years, even adults are bullied and truanted. Sometimes its because they aren’t as smart as they should be or there skin color is different or they are just different. Everyone in the world gets affected by bullying and being harassed.

Bullying and violence is one of the leading causes in death. It really hurts everyone. whether you are being bullied at school or being abused at home, even on the internet people are bullied and taunted. A couple of years ago on january 14 a 15-year old girl hung herself from being cyber bullied for over Three consecutive months. she was also harmed at school when the bullies would throw soft drinks cans at her and saying harmful things too. After her death all of the bullies where expelled from their school and charged with murder. Everyone pays for bullying whether we like it or not.

Violence also starts bullying. Violence also has a very strong emotional effect on people. People that are involved in violence have a very dramatic life. When someone is bullied they fell sad, depressed, mad, humiliated, and lake self esteem. When I was little one of my friends was a really happy kid and was always smiling. But one day a kid started to bullying, and pushing, and even tripping him him and my friend started to not smile as much and was sad much much more. kids were being violent with him and that made him scared and sad. Because of violence he was depressed.

Violence Also Destroys families and them apart. On October 26, 1985, A girl named sylvia was found in a basement dead from being tortured by teenagers. once her family found out they were devastated. Her family grew apart not long after Sylvia’s death. Her family grew depressed and hopeless for happiness without Sylvia. When Violence strikes a family it tears it Apart.

Violence is a terrible thing. Violence drives people to do horrible things. And causes Horrible emotions and Drives families and friends apart. There are many times People have done horrible things to other people. When someone is violent it doesn't just impact them it impacts the people around them. Violence is a horrible thing.

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