Think Before You Bully

January 19, 2011
By Anonymous

“No one is safe from the effects of violence.” Bullying is everywhere around the world. It is one of the worst sections of violence because it often leads to death and severe consequences. People that think its not a big deal are wrong because it’s a huge deal. Bullying is a horrible thing to do and can ruin someone’s life.

Ruining somebody’s life can come in many different types of forms. Cyber bullying is one way to really hurt somebody’s feelings. People make up all sorts of things saying “You did this, he did that,” about half of the time these things are lies. People make up things to make themselves feel better or just because the really want to hurt somebody’s feelings, and if it goes through one person, trust me, it will go through many more. Cyber bullying is one of the worst types of bullying because people think just saying a little thing won’t do anything, but it can change somebody’s life.

Another main form of bullying is physical bullying. Physical bullying is the bullying you would most likely see in movies/ shows when a kid hits another kid or makes some sort of harsh contact on him. Physical bullying is one of the forms that I think happens the least in the modern day because kids don’t just go up to other kids and hit them. Now that we have the technology we have today, instead of a kid picking on a kid at school, he can just message him on a social networking cite making fun of him. Also, kids don’t do it as much today because they realize how much trouble they can get into because it leaves marks on the other kids body. Physical bullying is one of the most harsh and painful types of bullying there is.

Racial bullying is when you bully somebody because of there race/skin color. Just because a person has a different color of skin then you doesn’t make them that much different at all. Lots of my friends aren’t the same race as me while some are. I don’t pick on people because they’re black or hispanic, I get to know them first and understand who they actually are. Racial bullying is a type of bullying that really should not happen because it makes no sense. People shouldn’t go around bullying people because of the way they look and their skin color.

Bullying is a horrible thing to do and can ruin somebody’s life. If you bully somebody imagine what it would feel like if that happened to you. If you see someone being bullied make sure to tell a trusted adult. Just because looks funny, is a certain race or you just want to pick on them doesn’t mean you should.Think before you bully.

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