Physical Wounds Can Heal, While Verbal Wounds Stay Open

January 19, 2011
By Bailey Smith BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Bailey Smith BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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A family moved as far away from a big city as they could. They thought they would be safer. They were sick of all the gang activity. They thought that they were safe from violence of any kind.... This is what they thought until one day there son came home with a black eye, and was bleeding. School violence takes three common forms: cyber, physical, and verbal.

Cyber bulling can be as simple as saying something in a text or email, or something as big as getting a group of people to constantly send mean things and harass you. This can be the worst form because many teens have committed suicide because of being cyber bullied.

Another form of bullying is physical. Physical bullying is beating someone up in the parking lot to committing murder! Sometimes its in privet like a back ally or some deserted place. Other times it is like a show were the bully tells his friends to spread the word about a fight after school.
(Ex. “Hey Bobby, tell every one you know that I am going to beat up Jim in the parking lot 15 minutes after school. And tell them to tell every one they know.”)

The third form of school violence is verbal. This form of bullying can be just a kid making one little remark to a whole bunch of kids constantly saying mean things to the victim(s). This can be the worst form of all. Physical wounds will heel. Verbal wounds can almost never heel.

Some times my sisters get into fights and they do not usually get into fist fights, but the do say some pretty bad things to each other. Sometimes these fights can last for a day or two. Sometimes they cant be in the same room together for more than a minute without them breaking out in a fight. The sad thing is, most of the fights are over the most stupid things you could possibly think of like shutting a cabinet door or something like that. They have been getting much better though. I think that they have just started to mature with age.

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