Racism of the KKK

December 7, 2010
By Anonymous

Though racism is looked down upon; it does not defy the American constitution’s first amendment for freedom of speech and belief. Ex-Confederates to oppose the Reconstruction period that was put into effect by the Republicans after the Civil War created the Ku Klux Klan. The group had the original purpose of protection from a possible black uprising due to turmoil since they were then set free after the Civil War. There was an original fear of the African Americans from these Caucasians; not a hate.
Their view of African Americans and other minorities is that they are lazy, rude human beings that are just trying to cheat their way through life. They believe this now more than ever due to gang’s and drug dealers in the ghetto being predominantly minorities. Another reason for their thoughts is that they believe minorities are not trying to work for an honest day’s pay. The Ku Klux Klan believe they just lounge around dealing drugs, robbing stores/ muggings, openly have a business in prostitution, and rap for a living.
A big disliking from the Klan is how a majority of the people who use the welfare and unemployment programs are minorities. The Klan believes they feed off of the programs when they could be out having a job. The big complaint here is that they are getting free money while the rest of the honest Americans are working. Disapproving the leniency of the immigration laws has a huge reason to dislike people of Hispanic descent. Due to this leniency in the laws Mexicans are getting a free ride here while they (Klan members) have been working their tails off for a good life for them and their children their whole life. If these minorities are slumming up the country and cheating there way to easy money then it is ruining their chances of the American dream. They are dampening the Klan member’s way of life and their overall enjoyment of it.
All Klan members tend to be Christians so a majority of what their beliefs are come from following their holy Bible. They follow the stories of how there was slavery that was condoled in the Bible. Their opposition to the freedom of the African Americans is due to these stories. Another less publicized indiscretion the K.K.K. has is against homosexuals. The big reason is that all these people they dislike is because it strictly goes against the Bible as well.
This group has gotten a lot of criticism over its entirety but this long lasting tradition. The big reason to listen to them is that their belief catches a lot of ears. This group has lived on for so long and has had so many revivals is because what they say gets to and makes sense to a lot of people. Since it has caught so many ears they might actually be right on some issues if so many people believe in what they are saying.
A lot of their beliefs are just all talk but they are right sometimes due to proven statistics. A reason they dislike minorities so much because of them using most of the money from welfare and unemployment is true. African Americans compose of 37.2% of the people using welfare. Hispanics compose 17.8% and Asians are 2.8% and white takes up 38.8 % and another 3.4% for other ethnicities. Though white takes up the most for any single ethnic group minorities almost use welfare and unemployment 2 to 1.
After all of these statements I still believe that the Ku Klux Klan has no right to discriminate against minorities. The ignorance throughout the years have increased and less and less reasons for them to discriminate against minorities. The original intent was to keep protected against an uprising but now there is no need for that. We have police forces and neighborhood watch to look over our neighborhoods. Their old and outdated beliefs has no room in our new evolving world where there is such huge international trading going on that you have to get along with and accept every ethnicity since they are part of our everyday life
There have been two main revivals of the Ku Klux Klan that happened in the 20’s and. Each and every time their overall beliefs and ways of carrying their tradition changed and have shaped into something completely different than their for-fathers intended. The use of the Bible, which was a staple to their reasoning, is more of a crutch now then an actual reason. The Klan has turned from being devoted Christians to red neck radicals that more than not don’t even go to church.
Nowadays the Klan has shaped into a commercial market where books are being published, have created their own website, and even have created an online white power network. Their ignorance is showing no bounds where their beliefs disgust individuals so publicizing their ignorance via the web or novels just shows the ego of the group. Today the Klan tries finding reasons to hate minorities and as each and every generation passes their reasons grow weaker and weaker. They blame them for just being rappers to make their money when it is just a musical genre that sells money. Just like how rock and country stars/ bands make money in their music industry.
Through the years and through the centuries the Ku Klux Klan has lost purpose and reason. They have switched from protective Christians who lived in the south to red neck radicals just discriminating because they don’t like the color of their skin. The Klan’s feeble attempts of excuses to hate have made the group be more and more rejected by the public. The Klan’s numbers have dwindled from allegedly having 15% of the population in the 20’s to about 5,000 nationwide now. The beginning of acceptance of others and racism is and has been dying down and the ignorance of these few numbers perplexes many others and myself. The perfect example is when seven Klan members had a parade march in Manhattan in 2007 and around 2,000 protestors showed up to oppose the march.
So the reasons why the Ku Klux Klan discriminates against minorities aren’t even logical anymore. There is no need for brining the Bible into the discussion if a majority of the members are just southern radicals that don’t even practice Christianity anymore. Trying efforts so drastic as an online television network is pathetic since that is the only way that the member’s don’t feel embarrassed about being a white supremacist. This group is an abomination to the human race. It puts a blemish on the United States and mankind for how unreasonable and ridiculous people can be. The Ku Klux Klan has no room and need to be in this modern era and that belief style is the minority more so than the people they discriminate against.

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on Dec. 30 2010 at 12:27 pm
IsobelFree DIAMOND, Hamilton, Other
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I agree. You had some good points here. However, I found your article very hard to read considering that your paragraphs weren't split up and you and had a lot of little spelling and grammar mistakes and sentences that seemed to be cut off at the end.

Also, you said that "Since it has caught so many ears they might actually be right on some issues if so many people believe in what they are saying. A lot of their beliefs are just all talk but they are right sometimes due to proven statistics. A reason they dislike minorities so much because of them using most of the money from welfare and unemployment is true." Not even. Maybe a lot of black people are using welfare. So what? They're just people who have dark skin who need money to live. That's no reason to hate. And why can't they use welfare? It's a service given to people who need it, and it should be given to anyone, regardless of skin colour.

on Dec. 29 2010 at 8:58 am
I agree with you whole haeartedly. Except you also forget to mention that now racism has been completely turned around from how it used to be. Ever heard of the Black Panthers? They are what you could call a black KKK. They are racist against whites. So please next time you write a piece bashing one race, please state all sides, not just the one


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