Deepest of All Evils

November 29, 2010
By Anonymous

The need for power is often a strong influence in the life of a baneful human. Greed in money and power can be seen as the source to all evil. Adolf Hitler is a prime example of how power and greed can change someone’s life. Hitler had a very strong relationship with God as a young boy but all of this was lost as he became older, and had a taste for power. Hitler’s actions throughout the 1930’s and 1940’s portray him as an evil and inhumane person.
Hitler started off wanting to change society’s beliefs for God but soon had a taste of power which turned those beliefs into his own. While in the National Socialists German Worker’s Party, Hitler started to become his own man with his own ideas. Spreading his ideas throughout this party, he would become their leader and this was Hitler’s first real taste of what power felt like. As Hitler became more and more confident in his beliefs he decided he needed more power, and in his eyes he would only obtain this if he overthrew the German government.
Although Hitler’s plan to overthrow the government was not successful, Hitler had more time to think while in jail which as the worst thing for the German government. Hitler’s beliefs became more than beliefs they became reality. Hitler’s connection to God was completely forgotten and he was willing to do anything to be in control of everything and everyone. While in jail Hitler wrote a book call “Mein Kampf”. This book would express Hitler’s feeling on his own struggles and how these struggles effected his beliefs.
Once out of jail Hitler would expand the Nazi group. As a strong leader Hitler would scare many people into following him, which would allow him to become elected as chancellor of Germany. As Chancellor Hitler would form a dictatorship that would allow him to rule Germany, society’s fears for Hitler stopped them from standing up to him.
Hitler’s main plan would become a complete extinction of the people he would call un-pure. These people would consist of Jewish, homosexuals, gypsies, mentally disabled, Polish, Russians, Ukrainians, and everyone whom opposed his beliefs. Hitler killed millions of people in order to control society’s beliefs, so that he could satiate his hunger for power. Hitler used the cheapest and most painful methods in order to kill the victims of the Holocaust, showing how inhumane Hitler’s intentions were.
Hitler’s inhumane ways have scared people of all cultures. The devastating effect is mainly caused by the concentration camps that Hitler developed in order to rid of all his victims. Within these concentration camps there was starvation, disease, and filth. Victims were showered in gas over and over again until their bodies would finally give in just dying were they stood. Large showers where used not in the victims benefit but in order to trick them, they were gassed and forced to fight for their lives leaving piles of dead bodies that the Nazi’s would just scrape of the floors. People were hung using wire causing them the bleed to death these rooms would have feet of dried blood that had built up from hundreds of thousands of bodies. All of these dead bodies were just buried or in some cases ovens were used in order to burn people dead and alive.
Other types of camps during Hitler’s reign were “labor camps”, “transit and collection camps”, “POW camps”, “camps for rehabilitation and re-education of poles”, “hostage camps” and “extermination camps” (mtsu 5). Labor camps were another name for concentration camps, but more like sub camps small parts of bigger concentration camps. The transit and collection camps were a temporary holding camp that was used as storage for people waiting to be transferred to bigger concentration camps. A POW camp consisted of prisoners of war whom where held and tortured against their will. These prisoners where often liquidated. Camps of rehabilitation and re-education camps were used to brain wash the Polish by imbedding Hitler’s ideas into their heads. Hostage camps were camps that were somewhat like the POW camps except these prisoners were killed instead of tortured for information. The last type of camp was the extermination camps which were the big concentration camps that were the main source of the genocide of millions of people.
Hitler become oblivious to the people around him he treated people as objects, completely unaware of the repercussions of his actions. Hitler’s beliefs within his religion are completely forgotten. He has not only lost God within himself but created a whole new god that is in fact just him. Hitler goes against one of the most important rules in the Christian religion. It is against the Christian belief to take one’s own life, but it is obvious it is a part of Hitler’s own beliefs. Hitler committing suicide shows how someone with so much evil in them, can be a coward when fighting for what they believe in means the most. If Hitler had any intensions in make this world better he would have fought for his life.
Hitler became the man he was by creating an imaginary world that was perfect to him, but a world that would never be realistic. In doing this Hitler used God as an excuse but had no mercy on anyone whom opposed him which goes against Gods word. Using inhumane punishment Hitler became one of the most feared dictators of all time. In the end although a feared leader Hitler himself feared punishment more than anyone, which caused him to take his own life.

The author's comments:
This peice is a rogerian style piece by looking at the oppositions point of view.

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