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November 28, 2010
By Arianaaaa BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
Arianaaaa BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
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I came from nothing and im rising to the the top. I was born into the world with all odds against me. My mother and father weren’t married when they had me. I doubt they were even in love. I am the daughter of teen parents. When you say it, it doesn’t seem so bad. “Wow, her parents are just a little younger than mine, what’s the big deal?” There is a huge deal. The challenges I had to face growing up? Nothing compared to “they’re just a little younger”. Not only did my parents face challenges, but I did as well. When people used to ask me how old my parents were and I’d say “27” and “30”, they would just give me a look, like they already knew something about me that I didn’t. People automatically turned me into a statistic. “She’s going to have a baby by the time she’s 15”, “She’s going to be just like her mom”, “She probably needs a lot of help in school, her mother’s never around”. Yes, I have parents who had me at a young age, weren’t married and probably weren’t even in love. But I am not a statistic. I’m 15 years old and not pregnant. I am going to be just like my mom if you mean a strong and amazing women. Bad Grades? I think that I’m doing prettt exceptional in school. I never let the obstacles in my past interfere with my future. I am the daughter of teen parents and I believe I’m going to grow up to be a failry successful woman. Far from a statistic.

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on Dec. 29 2010 at 9:08 am
I agree completely. The women in my family have all had children as teenagers. From my mother to my aunt to my grandmother to my eldest sister. I agree this encourged me much so that I know I will not let myself be a statistic


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