Modern History

November 23, 2010
Today in Mod. History, My teacher and I got into an 'agrument'.
He tried telling me that all the Soldiers, risking their lives to keep our Country safe, by fighting over seas, Should all be KIA for supposting this 'piece of shit war' as he put it. Well, that hits very close to home from me becuase my boyfriend happens to be one of those Brave Men and Women.
Everyone turned to look at me, to see what my reaction might be.
In return for his statment. I simply stood up and went to leave his class room.
He stopped me. He told me to sit back down. I refused. His comment to that was "This is my class room, thats my opinion on this issue, now sit down."
I looked at him and said "If you can state you opinion, May I state mine?"
He gave me a look, laughed, and gave me the go ahead.
I looked at him, with a cute little smile, and said "Sir, Opinions are like asshole, everyone has one and they all stink. You may be against the war, But I have loved ones fighting, so you dont have to. I would greatly appericate it if you keep you opinions to your self, or I wont be in your class any longer."
He kicked me out of class for the day. I was told to go to the office. Durring 7th period I was called back in. I had to explain to actions to the pric. My history teacher told him what had happened. Well, all that I said and did. But neglected to share what he had said to start it all. The pric. son is fighting over seas.
Today my History teacher lost his job.

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SecretNonConformist said...
Dec. 11, 2010 at 2:12 pm
Oh my god I can't believe that happened to you! My history teacher last year actually spent time in Iraq and told us weather we were for or against the war, we should always remember the real humans with family and friends who are fighting overseas. Human life should always be valued.
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