November 14, 2010
Are there racial people in High School? Why is it now a days that boys can hear about what girls go through but we can't talk about if there's racial things going on in school? Now a days you see white boys walking around dressed like black boys and trying to talk like them too. Does African American boys get offended when a white comes up and call them 'homey'? I would like to know what other kids think about it. when you walk into the cafeteria at lunch time, do you see a table full of blacks or a table of whites? I believe that even though we may not see it a lot, but there moght just be a lot of racial students and teachers. A lot of patrents don't allow their kids to play, be friends, or date people that are not of their race. Most parents I see around here pull their kid's out of school because they don't want their kid's around different colored people. they also say that most AP classes are for white people and regular classes are for black people. But that's not true, because in my Honors World Geography class there are at least three African Americans in there. I hear that you have to be a blonde and preppy to be a cheerleader but to me you can be any color and still be a cheerleader. Most of my family now a days hate white but doesn't mean I don't hang out with people that's not my color. A lot of kids now a days just hang out with people that's their color. What if the principals where racists, would students their color not get in trouble but the other's would? Just think about it, are there alot of racism in High School?

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DreamsAreBroken said...
Dec. 29, 2010 at 9:17 am
I agree with you racism is immensely wrong. BUt some other points. In the world today I myself see it where Blacks, ( I say black because you did, and you also called me white not caucasion), can call eachother the N word or anything they please but if whites do? Then it's a hate crime. And what do blacks dress like exactly? That my dear is how racism is started
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