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November 9, 2010
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I have seen the world’s reflection more than any other American teenager. I have been paralyzed on my right side for all my life. I have been teased: called names, mocked, people ‘playing’, and acting like they have my disability. I have friends who have been teased about their weight, looks, and even speech impediments.
This isn’t an issue that can be fixed overnight. I have seen my friends cry because of how much stuff people say. Then when it becomes too much, people who are teased eventually commit suicide. There was a student who went to my high school who was teased because he was different; he ended up committing suicide in the first semester.
Many people make fun of each other. But the most people who make fun of each other are in cliques. Cliques are groups such as: Goths, Popular, Geeks, Cheerleaders, Jocks, Nerds. These groups make fun of each other; the main clique that gets made fun of most often is the Nerds.
There are only two major reasons: one, it makes the bully feel superior, or, two they have a low self esteem.
Feeling superior is one of the main reasons that many Americans feel like they are superior and better than everyone else, most of these people are the jocks and cheerleaders. These two groups mostly pick on the geeks and nerds.
Another main reason is people’s low self esteem. Every other clique makes fun of each other this reason. It is sad really, low self esteem comes from self confidence. Many people lack self confidence because people have told them that they are no good or have never had support from people.
Even though this happens to many people, we can stop it one person at a time. If one person stands up for someone being picked on we can change the world. One person at a time.

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