The Last Civil Rights Battle in America

October 10, 2010
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What could possibly be wrong with the Freedom in America at this moment in time? African Americans aren’t slaves. People can believe whatever they want to believe in without penalty. Women can vote and marry whatever man they want. That’s just it,’ …whatever man they want.’ I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this, and I’m going to touch a subject that nobody wants to get near; the subject of Homosexuality and marriage.
Let me get across early in my article that I am a straight 13 year old male, and I’m writing this because I’m simply furious at how this country, a country that promotes freedom and individuality, is still banning the rights of homosexuals. Whenever I hear someone say the pledge in the morning at my school, the last part of it simply irks and disturbs me; ‘…indivisible with liberty and justice for all.’ This small part of the pledge shouldn’t be there in my opinion. “But why?” you might ask, well quite frankly, that small 5 words are not true, at all. The homosexual and bisexual community in America does not have their liberty, nor do they have their rights to get married. Not ONE state in America has legalized marriage for same-sex couples, couples that have the same feelings and the same love for each other as a normal couple does.
I understand from some peoples’ perspective, same-sex marriage might be disgusting or against their beliefs or religion. But I also understand that almost only 100 years ago, a black man or woman getting married to a white person was considered disgusting, and now it’s accepted almost everywhere? What about what our country was founded on, the separation of Church and State? We can’t let our religion and beliefs interfere with our common sense and human affection! If two people love each other, and wish to be together for the rest of their lives in beautiful and wonderful marriage, let them. It’s their choice, it’s their lives, let’s not ruin them.

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