August 14, 2010
These days discrimination had become really common in people. I know how much pain those people had suffered that had been a victim of this spreading disease. I am going to share some true experiences that me and my relatives had gone through.
My first experience took place when I newly arrived to Regina. I am a bipolar patient and I was transferred to the Regent General Hospital from Earl General Hospital because we had to sponsor my family in Pakistan. I was admitted in Adolescent Psychiatry Unit and I made lots of friends. We shared email addresses and phone numbers even though it was not allowed. One of those friends was John (fake name). He was pretty good with me and we had lots of fun together. He stayed there for about a month and then he was discharged but I was stuck in the hospital for months. When I was released I added him to my MSN. It was interesting chatting with John. The chat continued for almost a month. Then he started discriminating me about my religion. I am Muslim and we believe there is one God (Allah) and his last prophet is Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). He started writing nasty stuff about my prophet. I can’t share that here because it will make my benchmark really inappropriate. One of thing he said was that Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is gay. It made me intensely angry but I pretended that I didn’t read it. Without saying a word I blocked and deleted him. I don’t know why people dislikes our prophet. We, most of the Muslims, don’t even dare to make fun of others religions because it is prohibited in Islam. This was my experience with Religion.
Second one is about my culture. My neighbors made Asian food and someone complained to the management office that my neighbor makes odd foods. Well, in my culture pork is strictly prohibited in Islam. In my country we allow all religions to eat their cultural and their favorite foods. My question is that why people in North America makes fun of Asian’s cultural food. I don’t have much to say about that and I don’t really care what people say about my religion but I do care about my traditional clothes because I feel embarrass when I go out with my mom.
The last incident I am going to share with you is about my racism. I started looking for a job around the city. I applied many places but did not got the reply. I saw NOW HIRING sign board at Mr. Sub. I went there and saw an Asian man who was working there. I asked him if the positions are still available. He said that they are available so I handed him my resume. He asked me if I have applied some where else. I told him that I am already working for McDonalds. I also told him that I applied for front but they hired me for the backend. He told me about his brother in United Kingdom. His brother also worked for McDonalds and was hired for the backend too. My experience also tells that most Asians in Regina work at the backend. It is rude but I won’t lie. He told me that North Americans dislike South Asians. That is true I have seen that here and in Toronto.
I believe that religion, racism and culture don’t decrease the talent in a person. Talent is something that’s natural. It is God gifted and we should appreciate it. I also believe that we should not make fun of people with different race, culture and religion.

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Taimoor D. said...
Aug. 30, 2010 at 12:34 pm


But its hard to ignore people all the time.. Thanks for your comment..



darkangel09 said...
Aug. 30, 2010 at 12:23 am
i agree with your last two sentances a lot. but not all North Americans are racist, i'm not and i know lots of people that arent. those that are are ignorent and probablt hate the fact that you believe so strongly in your religion. i'm sorry that you've had people mean to you. it's not right no matter the color of their skin or the God they wership
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