To Live and Love in the United States

July 30, 2010
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For some of us, love is a boy-girl thing. For others, it's a matter of boy-boy, or girl-girl. Perhaps we are a nation of the free. But I don't see it that way.
In the United States of America, people claim that all men are free and equal. this is not so. Equality is not a matter of opinion. It is a matter of right and wrong. If a man and a woman fall in love, they have every right to get married. But if a man and another man fall in love, they are discouraged and unable to marry, unless they move to another state.
It isn't just a peice of paper that matters to a homosexual human being. It is equal treatment. People act as though "gayness" is a disease. Some of the world's greatest minds were homosexuals. Leonardo DaVinci was gay, and he pioneered a more modern world or those around him.
To say that all Americans have equal rights is to say that slavery doesn't exist in the world. Both statements are entirely wrong. When a man or a woman have to hide who they are inside, they do not have the same priveledges as those who aren't gay or lesbian. I think that human beings today are too eager to judge, not eager enough to listen. Love is a beautiful thing, not matter the gender.

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melancholya said...
Aug. 19, 2010 at 10:46 pm
I agree. Whether a person is gay or straight should not matter. Just like the color of their skin or their religion. But, people are too close-minded and conformative. Hopefully this will change in our generation.
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