No Laughing Matter

March 4, 2008
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Fag. Queer. That's so gay. Lesbo.
These are words that have become everyday vocabulary for many teens. My current school is extremely tolerant, and a progressive school so many of the ideas is revolutionary in certain ways. I left my school for a year last year to live in Italy and I was amazed at the difference in offensive terms people used. Most teens probably do not realize it but using the terms above is really offensive- they aren’t words that are appropriate for common use. It seems to be a habit for many people to use these words rather than a conscious intolerance.

People seem to have this misconception that there is something wrong with people who are gay, lesbian or bisexual but I really don’t understand why. Personally I don’t even what I am because I am fourteen and at my age –you really don’t know. It could go anyway so I seem to be straight so far but I am still growing and changing everyday. My community is really tolerant and there are more than a few homosexual parents who have kids in the school; all of them are good people and their kids are totally fine. One of my best friends might be lesbian or bisexual but when she told me it didn’t change anything because she was still my best friend-still the person I call when I need to talk to someone-still someone who knows all my secrets and who is always there for me.

People don’t choose to be their sexual orientation anymore than they choose to be their skin color and I think people should think of discrimination against people based on sexual orientation the same as racism. Neither are indications of character nor aspects of one that can be chosen.

I think there is some inborn hatred towards people that might be different and I think that is why so many people use certain offensive terms without thinking. It worries me how flippantly someone calls someone else a ‘Fag’ or ‘Queer’ or ‘Lesbo’ because those really are offensive terms and if meant as a joke it really isn’t funny. I only wish that people might think before they say things and ask themselves why something is bad or why it is a trait to make fun of someone before they do it. If you can’t find a reason why it is a bad thing to be different then maybe you shouldn’t make jokes about it. Question what you think you know, and think it out for yourself before you decide someone is bad, or wrong, or the way they are is something to laugh at.

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Ellodan said...
May 15, 2013 at 9:38 pm
Boom. That's how I feel as well. It is just odd.
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