Breaking the Confidence Barrier

June 25, 2010
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As teenagers, we always find ourselves doubting everything we do. Overanalyzing small details, getting upset over nothing. To us everyone is staring, critiquing our every move, there is always something or someone standing in the way of us letting go and having a good time. Friends can turn into enemies in a matter of seconds and tears can become laughter in a heartbeat. Why do we make our lives so complicated? Why can’t we just relax and be comfortable with who we are? We find ourselves becoming jealous of those who seemingly live their life confidently and without a care, but is this the truth, or are they just better at masking their real emotions? It’s all over the movies, books and songs we see everyday. The shy, awkward teenager overcoming their fears and blossoming into a confident show stopper .Yes, for some it is easier than others, who are constantly worrying about what people think of them. Why is it when we decline a party invitation, and then later see the pictures from it, we feel betrayed? We think; “How dare they have a good time without me?” which then turns into “I guess they didn’t need or want me there”, when you know that you were the one who didn’t want to or couldn’t go. What stops us from looking at the pictures and thinking how much fun that party seemed and being happy for our other friends who had a good time? Why do we instead worry about why they looked so happy when we weren’t there? Why do we worry about friend trouble before it even happens? Why do we avoid talking to our crush for fear of being embarrassed? Who is watching? Who really cares? Be funny, different, smart, silly, or goofy! Be whoever you are! Because once we stop caring if people are judging us, then we will stop ourselves from judging each other. Who says we can’t just be ourselves and go with the flow? Who says teens have to be these self-conscious bodies of self hate and low confidence? If we could all just step back and stop caring so much and judging so much then maybe next time we will see those pictures and smile at how much that party must have been.

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cameronjay said...
Jul. 2, 2010 at 2:08 am
perfectly written<3
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