May 31, 2010
By Krissy Green, Waverly, OH

What are bikers?

There are so many things that come to mind when you hear that word. Biker. But what one's are true, and what one's are fake, a lie? Thats what you gotta find out.

I have found out, that when I say, "My parents are bikers." That people look at me different. At first I thought it was me. That I, myself, did somthing wrong. But to come find out, people looked at bikers in a different way than I did.

Maybe it's 'cause they dont live with two bikers, or grew up knowing that kind of life. I mean heck, my mom and dads biker friends are like a secound family to me.

But like I said, maybe they dont. But I came to find out, that alot of people, see bikers, as bad people. But they aint. Bikers, are good. I mean, yeah there are some of thoes bikers that, dont do the right thing, or they just plain out bad. But you know what? Just 'cause they are dont mean all are like that.

My parent's for fact, are really good biker's, and when i see people look at them differnt 'cause of that, well it dispoints me. Like how people at hospitals think that bikers are lower than people that aint bikers.

Or even if someone has alot of tattoos. Yes, my parents have alot of them. And people look very down on them as well. Like if you go to the docters for some help. And they find out your a biker and have more than two or three tattoos, they dont really do much.

I have seen this myself. When my dad went to the docters for some pills to help him, with his pain. He has a heart thing going on. The docters wouldnt give him anything 'cause he was a biker and had tattoos. I mean really? I dont think that is right!

Bikers, are still people! They are still human! And God put them on earth to. So what if they have a bunch of tattoos, or is a biker? Does that make them a less of a person? I dont think so.

I lost alot of friends because of this. 'Cause they said they couldnt be friends with someone that hang out with bikers. And when they found out that I wanted to be one to. Well, that just made it where they knew they didnt want to be friends.

So what I am asking you, is:

What dose the word biker mean to you?

The author's comments:
I wrote this, 'cause i am sick of people putting bikers down! They are people just like any other person in this world!

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