women in america

May 27, 2010
Its crazy how girls have to live up to what the media wants us to be and look like. All girls have to be a size 2, big boobs, big butt, smiliey face girl. It seems thta if your not that your out. Oh and lets just say that if your a dark skinned girl like me you might as wel not be alive. The media tends to show more lighter skinned people. What happened to America, since when do we have to be all dumb and say nthing about the issues at hand? Im sick of going to school and seeing guys degrade girls because they feel that they can. I mean the media makes it seem like calling a girl a b**** or a h** is alright.America haven't we learned that women are more than just cute faces but we have brains, voices, and talents. Is it not horrible to just not care about our talents! Women bring children, women bring love, women bring ideas, we even brin new inventions. Not all women look like Britney Spears, Jessica Alba, Lucy lu, or Gabrielle Union. Most of us our realwomen, with real curves and real feelings and ideas. We are more than bubble gum chewing hair flipping stilletto wearing makeup flonting human beings. America wouldn't be America without us. We our queens and diamonds and should be treated like it. We respect men so why can't we get the same respect in return.

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Bethani said...
Jul. 5, 2010 at 12:16 am
Good issue but next time you might try creating space and expanding your ideas. 
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