Racial Discrimination

May 25, 2010
By Samuel Dawit BRONZE, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Samuel Dawit BRONZE, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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Racial discrimination in the world has had severe effects on its victims. Many conflicts based on discrimination have arisen for hundreds of years and people have been negatively affected. People have brought through racism from generation to generation and it still exists today; there have been many negative effects of discrimination over time, some of these being slavery, segregation, and stereotyping.

Hundreds of years ago, Europeans stole Africans from their homes and took them to Europe and America as slaves. For hundreds of years they were degraded, beaten and forced to do labor. They were not considered humans and people looked down on them. In different countries, they tried to get their freedom and it wasn’t only black people that were being treated like this. Asians, including Indians, the Chinese, and a few others, were uprooted and shipped to South Africa and Europe for the sole purpose of furthering their economies through forced labor. According to anc.org, hundreds of Indians, mainly from Bengal, Coromandel Coast and Kerala were brought to South Africa as slaves. Black people were not the only slaves in America either. When there was a shortage of slaves, many Native Americans were also brought into slavery, and, according to Americanhistory.suite101.com, Chinese girls were forced into prostitution. Having taken advantage of those different from them, westerners forced others into slavery or colonized their countries.

Centuries later, laws were passed stating these former slaves were not equal to the whites. In their own countries these people were called minorities and were forced to confess inferiority. They were given unequal facilities and denied certain privileges that the whites were accustomed to. The Chinese people in America, during the Gold Rush were the only foreigners being taxed and, when they refused to pay the tax, “were abused”, says asian-nation.org. Whites were always given priority in work and school. Schools were segregated, with the white schools having better education facilities. In 1935, blackpast.org says, Harlem saw its first race riot, in which some died and many were injured. In spite of those who realized the horrific nature of racism, segregation continued and colored people in Europe, the United States, and colonized African and Asian countries were still treated wrongly.
Through time, the visible parts of segregation in most countries were arrested. Today however, racism still exists and many decisions are based on race. I myself have been subjected to racism countless times. Being used to racial stereotypes, I know that people tend to make assumptions about me and people of my race. They automatically think that, since I am black, I use the N-word, and am involved in gang violence. I know many Asians who people just assumed are good at math and wear glasses. Besides being ignorant and oftentimes incorrect, these stereotypes can be hurtful and when directed to the wrong people, carry a potential fight.

Racism has contributed, over time, to many problems in the world. The racism that has existed in the past and still exists today has caused many conflicts. Everyone is created equal and those who try to contradict this truth cause problems.

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