December 14, 2007
Discrimination is a growing problem of today. Discrimination is acting out on prejudice feelings such as hate, stereotypes, and xenophobia, plus many more causes. The effects of these causes are terrible. Insane, even. I am about to explain to you the many causes and effects of discrimination.

One of the most infamous causes is hate. When people act out upon feelings of hate, they commit hate crimes. An example of hate crimes is spray-painting swastikas on the sides of buildings. Hanging nooses is another example of a hate crime. Why just that happened at a college last week; a noose was hung on a black teacher’s door. Hate crimes are and effect of discrimination.

Stereotyping is another cause of discrimination. To stereotype is to label someone (for example: the Mexicans mow lawns.) Discrimination of stereotyping would be someone saying to a Mexican, “Sorry, you can’t have this job. Your people are only good for mowing my lawn.” Stereotyping is a mean cause of discrimination.

The final cause of discrimination that I will mention is xenophobia. Xenophobia is an extreme fear of people of a certain culture or religion. An example of discrimination against xenophobia was when Hitler was afraid that the Jews would take over Europe. So he discriminated against them and put them into concentration camps. Xenophobia is a cause of discrimination worth mentioning.

As you can see, discrimination is a dreadful dilemma of today. Hate, stereotyping, and xenophobia are the most ill famed causes today. Discriminations can really affect people in many different ways. It is wrong and we should try our hardest to end it. People can go insane because of discrimination; it’s that bad!! We must put an end to the dreadful thing that is discrimination.

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cupcake420 said...
Aug. 26, 2010 at 9:04 pm

wow that was good you took all the words out of my mouth that i would have said that is really good nice job keep going then maybe a point will be acrooss some were i love this


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