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May 12, 2010
By Viliey31 BRONZE, St. Rose, Louisiana
Viliey31 BRONZE, St. Rose, Louisiana
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I do not intend this piece to be offensive. It does not call for comments, but feel free to criticize because I know you’ll do it anyway. These are just my own personal opinions cast down in ink. You do not have to believe it, agree with it, or feel like I am provoking anyone, but I draw the line at this starting a debate. This is a controversial subject, but that doesn’t make it unimportant.
Racism is a problem, is it not? We worry as students that we will be judged, but commonly we don’t expect it to be based on our gender or race. As parents, we worry that our children will be denied things they deserve just because of biased opinions. And as workers we worry that our lives could be changed if we become unemployed due to the same selfish point of view.
Most of the people in our daily lives are racist. People we see in public, in our neighborhoods, some of our friends, people we don’t even know, and many of the students we interact with every day. But is it right to only protect one race? Sure, the policy is equal rights, but what happens when someone takes equal rights for a ride and wears it so thin that it becomes a superiority complex?
This is what has happened to America. In the opinion of sexism, is it morally or socially right that in a world of equal rights we are denied things like scholarships, jobs, and the right to speak our mind just because we were born without our own consent? For example, why is a man praised by his peers when he sleeps around, but a woman is labeled, tormented, and thought of as inferior?
There is, however, a point I am trying to make here. Is racism or sexism just a horrid thing we are born with? NO! We gain things like this through immaturity. So the next time you wonder, why am I taking this class, or, what does any of this matter, remember that you could be told you could NOT take this class, or your opinions don’t matter. I believe any person who has the maturity to listen to this and understand what I’m saying without replying with, “everything IS equal”, then you are the ones I want to hear this.
And if ever asked, “Why won’t this change”, I have for you an answer. You may not find it entirely correct, but it is my only theory that makes sense. It’s because no one will knock down that first domino. No one will do it because it’s “impossible”. But the truth, my friends, is that the reason things aren’t changing, is, because we haven’t decided to change it yet. Some people would call this inertia, the resistance to change in motion. In this case I call it the human protocol.
The government has done what it can, but what can they really do? They can’t protect me, and they know it as well as I do, so they have to take their hands off of it.
So may I ask, why is it alright for others to be free of racism by their rights of law, but some aren’t? I’ve told you the answer, whether you believe me or not. Fear. Immaturity. Inertia of protocol. There are the evils at hand. Not this race, not that race, but those three errors.
So, who wants to knock over the domino?

The author's comments:
I wrote this after I was blamed of racism, just so someone else would get out of trouble. this is more about reverse racism than it is about regular racism. I threw in sexism because it might as well be the same thing, just for a different reason.

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Snow_White said...
on Jun. 4 2010 at 10:35 am
Im replying yes, but not with "everything is equal" 'cause it aint! I know what you mean an i understand...i think that some people are more up in this world 'cause of their color or who they are...'cause peoeple look at me like im some kind of bad person, that i will hurt them just 'cause im a biker kid (biker kid is someone that has bikers for parents so you know) And that it is i know what you mean and i understand it...i just had to say this i hope you dont mind..... :)


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