Gay Rights

May 4, 2010
By Joshua McLeod BRONZE, North Vernon, Indiana
Joshua McLeod BRONZE, North Vernon, Indiana
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Should gays have their rights? Yes, they should have their rights because they are the same as regular everyday people. Some people think they are so different, but they really aren't. They are just like us.

Does marriage give more benefits? Sometimes say, and we are neglecting their right. Some people can get better health care. But the government is turning gay people that right more than likely right this minute.

As states in the Constitution, we all have the right to free speech. We are going against what the Constitution states and what our country is founded upon. Also do we want to change the Constitution on one little thing like this. We should look past our differences and just let them get married.

Gay rights are in the middle of a big fight and only YOU can help.

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