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March 8, 2010
By texasgrrl95 GOLD, West Orange, New Jersey
texasgrrl95 GOLD, West Orange, New Jersey
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Teacher said,
Go home and write
A page tonight
And let that page come out of you
Then, it will be true.

Forget that.
I'm not going
To try again to explain who I am.
It just
Doesn't work.
Let me try
To convey to you
Just why.
Maybe then
You will begin to understand.

Patrick was just the beginning.

You can't forget a thing like
You don't forget what
Patrick did to you.

You don't forget being literally
Run over,
You were so invisible.
You don't forget the far end of the bench
Or the place
By the tetherball
People always knew
Was yours.

You don't forget the mockery
And the tears,
The cruel words that made you
Bow your head
As you walked

through the years.

But some day, you keep in the
Back of your mind,
That some day
The tears will grow,
(like you)
Into an ocean, and
The ocean
Will swallow up what
Did to you.

This is my theme for English 8.

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Skippy said...
on Apr. 18 2011 at 2:03 pm

Wow!  This is an amazing poem.  I think it means even more thinking about the original poem -- it just means so much.  I especially like the "forget that" part.

You are a really amazing poet!

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