indifference good???

March 16, 2010
By koolaid_man5 GOLD, El Monte, California
koolaid_man5 GOLD, El Monte, California
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my school just took this thing about gay slurs and stuff. Asking how themselves and others react to them. Well i was filling it out many people felt one of three ways didn't understand, didn't care, or hated gays. OK I'm not saying anyone is right i mean we all feel and think differently. Back to what i was saying well my friend had sort through them alot of people said "I DON'T CARE" ok here is the question i ask is better for them to be indifferent or have set like or hate gays. my friend thought is was horrible well i thought it was good or at least hopeful because well is it better to have a school with no hate or like then an overwhelming numbers of students hating and disgusted by gays. i really like to get your thoughts on this plase and thank you.

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