warning:manason may be hazordious to your helth

March 13, 2010
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I sit here day after day thinking, what if i haddent found somthing I like What if i was the same kid I used to be?What if Marilyn Manson had never been introduced to me at all, would I still be the same person I am today? I think not, i would be nothing you all know how that feels, right you all have that one certian thing that you absolutly love, for me its manson...anyway are you gonna let people tell you that you are wrong for liking that one thing, come on
itcan be somthing you have had,it may be that blanket, of that book, or movie.. but just dont let what people say stand in your way,its up to you to make it threw this world and letting what people have to say just holds you back a little mor each time it happens... so stand up and fight for what you belive in and let your voice be herd for what, an old freind once told me for every fear that you have, one second of your life is wasted,so stand up and be herd.

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