What Is "Wrong"?

February 26, 2010
I'm sure you've heard people in your school and community talking about the topic of sexual orientation. Your parents may have said to you that people who are gay, lesbian, ro bisexual are going against the way things have always been. But don't we constantly go against how things have always been? Look at our puritan predecessors. We are so very different from them that we can't imagine what it would be like to live in their society. It may not sound like it relates to sexual orientation. But take a moment to think about it. Then it starts to make sense. My best friend is bisexual, her aunt was a lesbian, and a boy in my grade just came out of the closet last year. I dont' see anything wrong with that. Who are we to say that they are wrong or that they are "strange"? Another thing that we need to think about while talking about this topic of sexual orientation is the fact of the names we use to describe them. Calling someone who is gay a "fag" or someone who is lesbian a "dyke" is just as damaging as calling someone who is anorexic "fat". A mantra of mine is "Words will hurt forever while a slap only sting for a little while". We are not perfect. We never will be. So people, let's open our eyes. Until the day someone can show us a perfect person, someone with straight 100s, someone amazing at every existing sport, someone who doesn't sin, someone who doesn't hurt anyone, we are not allowed to make a judgement. We are not perfect, so let's just accept everyone how they are : whether they're gay, lesbian,bisexual, or straight, we're all only human. And none of us are perfect.

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