Gay Love is Real Love

February 22, 2010
By luvlettersliex BRONZE, Orange Park, Florida
luvlettersliex BRONZE, Orange Park, Florida
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"Bombing for peace is like f***ing for virginity".

Fight for Freedom of Love.

Gay Marriage; A national debate among millions and millions of people around the world. Could this constant argument be turned into a new revolution in the world's history? We, the people with our rights to freedom of opinion and speech, are here to explain to you why it should indeed be legal, this getting rid of yet another national problem preventing world peace to be pursued in our world. People have died for freedom and fairness for black, for Jews, are we going to let our population continue to decline by allowing the same consequences for gays. Sooner or later this is bound to happen. Love is love, no matter what; Put no consequences on it!

First off, banning gay marriage is against civil rights. According to our civil rights, we have the right as human beings to love who we want to love; no matter what sex, race, religion we may be. I mean even animals show homosexual activity, yet humans are the ones who are not allowed. It's against nature. Freedom was achieved over history for not just one person, but for all human beings. Freedom of the people is freedom for even gays.

Second, gay people are no less human then we are. They have jobs and they attend school just like straight people do. They aren't any less normal then we are, so seriously why discriminate against them? What does this word "normal" even mean? Originality is something we push on people isn't it, so why would we make exceptions for this? I mean they act and look just like any other member of our species. Just maybe a little better dressed then your typical male. Get over it.

Also, who decided to be so hypocritical about our law system anyways? All this would be is yet another unfair discrimination against innocent people. I'm guessing nobody thought to think of the previous national problems that were once caused in our history by discrimination. I mean look at how bad it ended with probably near millions of deaths contributed to the discrimination against blacks and Jews. Are we really going to allow this to happen yet again, allowing our population to decline even more. World peace is never going to happen with silly things like this happening. I mean don't we have enough wars taking place, are we really going to let something like this cause another? Let our people live.

Lastly, you can't press a law against someone that you wouldn't want pressed against you. It just goes right back to being hypocritical. Getting married is probably one of those great highlights of your life, and you look forward to it all your life. Shouldn't you have the right to fulfill this? Think about it, you as a straight person would like to get married. Well gay people would like to get married too. Don't dish out what you can't take in! Love should be considered love under no circumstances, no matter what.

In conclusion, gay marriage should indeed be legal. Why? Well, first off; it's against our civil rights. And who declared gays as extraterrestrial life? They are no different from me or you, from the president, or even from the people you call your friends. Not to mention how hypocritical it is, you need to realize its just another form of discrimination that we, as Americans fought to be freed from centuries ago. Also, how would you feel if you were discriminated for the way you are. What if you couldn't get married? I bet you wouldn't feel that great. Exactly, don't dish out what you can't take in. Look around you, if the people around you were happily married and gay, would it affect you? Would it affect you to the point where you must take such drastic measures as to ban their type of love? Illegal is such a powerful word. Think about that, every opinion matters. Make the world a better place! Not just for you, but for gays as well. Let love be love!

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece as an essay I had to write back in 10th grade.

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on Mar. 8 2010 at 11:16 am
i totally agree with you. but this dude at my school don't. i'm working on an essay for class. and he's bashing it non stop. it's really stupid that he judges gay people for liking a different sex . if god can forgive people for drinking or alcohol. then he probley forgives anyone thats gay . well thats all i haft to say. bye.


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