Hate (a periodic sentence)

February 20, 2010
Perhaps it is easy to feel prejudice against a group of people when you’re too afraid to think about a murder of 6,000,000 guiltless in 5 years, too shocked to see the ghastly capacity of the word hate. But when you watch the movies that are far too true in message; when you read the graphic novels of real-life accounts; when you hear Holocaust victims voices and see their faces, skeletons of an abuse too vulgar to speak of what they know they must; when you visit the museums, the exhibits, the graves of the innocent, ripped from our Earth by a forceful hand with no consideration or remorse; when you hear prominent leaders discuss the fallacy of the genocide, saying it wasn’t possible, couldn’t be feasible, and that no one is able to do something so drastic; when you know that one spark of hatred ignites a forest fire of abhorrence, impossible to put out; when you try to prevent it but know that it will happen anyway; and when you realize what mankind, as dark and devastating as it may be, is capable of—only then will you understand the power of the word hate.

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