Cheyenne S. is Bizzarre!(: Column-1

February 19, 2010
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Cheyenne S. is BIZZARRE!
Emo, scene, goth, juggalo, juggalette, chav, prep, outcasts…?
All of these have one thing in common. They are all immature!
The worst part about all of these is that they call eachother posers? Ya’ll go around saying “OMG! I’m emo!” or “I’m a juggalo, don’t mess with me!” I’m not going to lie, I was once one of these people. Finally, I realized this was immature, because I am not emo. I am Cheyenne S., so don’t call me Goth or emo or whatever you have up your sleeve. I am not ashamed of who I am. Just because a person likes different clothing than you or different music, it doesn’t mean they aren’t human, it doesn’t mean you can label them as if they are a worthless animal. As for the people who do stuff so they can be labeled? I am going to be strait forward, that’s stupid!! Are you ashamed of who you are? Don’t call yourself something that an immature teenager created many years ago. Another thing that aggravates me is the drama between the different labels. We see it in movies, and everyday life. Preps VS outcasts? Juggalos Vs. emos? Juggalos say emos are immature; I say they both are immature. Juggalos listen to icp, and consider themselves to be a family; they would do anything for their family. Well, I would do anything for my friends, I consider them my family but I’m not going to call myself a juggalo. I call a lot of people preps and I want to say I’m sorry. I googled preps and they are “goodie goodies” well, just because someone Is happy doesn’t make them a prep. I also looked up jocks; “athletic jerks” is what popped up and not all athletic people are jerks, and not all jerks are athletic. Well please write down your opinions!(: Bizarre Cheyenne is out!

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vampire1423 said...
May 30, 2010 at 2:43 am

it is ok i think


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